Silverfloat is a high frequency trading company in Bitcoin. Silverfloat profits from trading in public financial markets, but it is different from conventional HFT's in two ways. Firstly, Silverfloat commits to share a significant part of its profits to help reduce human inequality. Secondly, Silverfloat’s ownership is highly decentralised (evoking good governance) as it incentivises both current and futures employees with equity pay-offs. Everyone working at Silverfloat is an owner. This promise puts Silverfloat in the position to attract the best people and to become the best in its field. In more detail: Silverfloat Whitepaper.

Today’s financial system favours short-term risk takers and it rewards gatekeepers to capital markets. A career in the financial industry is meant to enrich, but it’s highly individualistic. There is little room for collaborative thinking. The financial industry, the backbone of the modern economy, often undercuts growth and progress. The capitalistic system is flawed and the political sphere is unable to correct this. A better wealth distribution mechanism is necessary to further evolve humanity. Silverfloat aims to contribute to the solution: by embedding wealth redistribution in the design of a private company, one gets to circumvent the long and ineffective way of political changes. Instead as a private company you can start to redistribute value freely.

Through Bitcoin. For two reasons: firstly, Bitcoin as a financial system is highly transparent as every transaction in the history of Bitcoin is publicly viewable by anyone in the world. This feature makes Bitcoin superior for tracking and measuring success in wealth distribution. The ROI on redistributed value can easily be calculated. Secondly, Bitcoin as a financial system is relatively young, unregulated, rapidly innovating and completely programmable. Now that the U.S. government (and other) have declared Bitcoin as a commodity and institutions such as the Nasdaq/London Stock Exchange have confirmed their support for Bitcoin technologies, Bitcoin is slowly entering the phase of mass adoption.

Bitcoin as a financial system is quickly innovating. Compare Bitcoin today to the internet in 1995. Bitcoin’s progress is accelerating. There is much “new information” to fully understand the Bitcoin ecosystem at any time. When you understand new information faster than others you can find arbitrage opportunities. New information will be more valuable, more complex, while it's value will erode more quickly in the future. To deploy a successful intelligent trading robot will increasingly require more and different resources. Successful trading bots are by definition ephemeral. It’s an arms race where 99% will lose. The 1% must attract the best developers, quantitative analysts, economists and information specialists at any time. The most direct way to attract and incentivise employees is to fully share the vision and the gains with them. Silverfloat is organised as a syndicate of highly specialised people, where all employees are owners.

We publish our results in our transparency document, so that everyone can keep track of how we are doing. Finally, we are always on the look out for contributors who can help us speed up our production of trading bots. We invite you to join our slack channel.

The Silverfloat Team